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The demands of our consumers have actually progressed from locating a tap producer to locating a more exceptional and trusted taps manufacturer. The simple reason is that Cooperating with reliable taps manufacturer acquires quality, timeliness, technology, and competitiveness.

As a Chinese faucet and bathroom practitioner, I wish to discuss the precautions for locating trustworthy taps manufacturers in China. I wish my short article can help you.

Where is the reliable taps manufacturer in China

If you have the need to purchase faucets in China, you need to know China’s three major taps manufacturing bases: Kaiping, Guangdong, Nan’an, Fujian, and Wenzhou, Zhejiang.

Kaiping, Guangdong

The faucet production District began reasonably late but established growth, basic completed item setting up, innovation incorporating top quality inspection, logistics and also distribution. Shuikou Community is likewise referred to as well as focus, one of the most complete commercial possible total also the greatest possibility for advancement in China. The faucet makers here are primarily export-oriented.

So far, the absolute majority of enterprises are mainly OEM exports, as well as Brand Building is delaying behind. It has greater than 160 independent brand names, among which the well-known business Huayi, CAE, Weiqiang, Caizhou, Omasa, etc, relative to the annual output value and enterprise-scale in Zhejiang and Fujian, Kaiping’s faucet manufacturers Not as well huge. In recent years, Kaiping taps manufacturers have actually started to concentrate on innovation R & D, as well as faucet high quality as the core as well as began to build a brand. Regional brand names began to get fame at home and also abroad.

The features of the Kaiping faucet: The item’s top quality is the greatest, however, the price is fairly high. Reduced faucet failure rate as well as long guarantee duration, suitable for the advancement of exclusive brands and also premium markets.

Wenzhou, Zhejiang

Actually, Zhejiang sanitary ware industry created Hangzhou recreation hygienic ware base, Wenzhou pipes tools production base, Taizhou plumbing hygienic also sanitary fittings production base as well as economic development sectors, as well as developed its own established marketing channels. Based on strategic development goals, some Zhejiang taps manufacturers likewise pay great focus to produce high quality, Some reformed their own production lines, some cooperated with Kaiping taps manufacturers to build factories.

Features of Zhejiang faucets: The general high quality level is reasonably low, and also there are additionally some companies that concentrate on quality. The total price level is reduced, as well as the price competitiveness is obvious, ideal for market development.

Nan’an, Fujian

The plumbing sector in Nan’an City of Fujian came from taking part in the manufacture and also Primarily for China’s residential market, popular brand names Jomoo, Hhsn, Sunlot, Joyou, etc.
Features of Fujian faucets: rate competitiveness is more apparent, And also the general quality is fairly reduced.

To summarize: You could choose the relevant taps manufacturer according to your spending plan if you purchase faucets in China. In terms of faucet quality, Kaiping in Guangdong is the best, followed by Zhejiang and Fujian; In terms of faucet prices, Fujian and Zhejiang are the best Concessions, Kaiping in Guangdong is relatively expensive than Fujian and Zhejiang. However, there is no necessary connection between the place of origin and the quality. You must test the product according to your own process.

How to find reliable taps manufacturers in China?


Canton Fair is currently the largest international trade fair in China with the best transaction results. It is held in spring (around April) and autumn (October) every year. Due to the impact of COVID-19, from 2020, Canton Fair has chosen to be held online (127th, 128th, 129th), until the 130th Canton Fair (October 2021) will be held online and resume offline. 131th will be held on April 15-19, 2022, and it will also be held in a combination of online and offline
There are many faucet manufacturers participating every year. At the same time, the Canton Fair is only a 2-hour drive away from the Pingfaucet Sanitary Ware Base. You can make an appointment with the supplier to visit the factory.

Kitchen & Bath China is the world’s largest exhibition of kitchen and bathroom products, From May to July every year, 3 days will be selected to be held in Shanghai. Exhibitors come from well-known domestic and foreign taps manufacturers.

B2B Platform

It is easy for you to search for China taps manufacturers may on the online B2B platform. such as Alibaba, made in China, and Global Sources. It is easy to find many manufacturers and suppliers.
It is worth noting that merchants on B2B platforms need to pay a certain amount of membership fees every year. The top-ranking does not represent the reputation of their suppliers, but may also be their marketing capabilities. However, the current B2B platform will invite international institutions to verify suppliers with senior members and shoot corporate videos, VR real scenes and other company information.

Google & Social Search

Google’s display algorithm is very different from B2B platforms. B2B platforms may be affected by other factors, but Google’s algorithm is more inclined to deliver suitable content to searchers.
Some reliable faucet manufacturers will have their own business sites and have some presence on social media. You can try the following phrase searches: faucet manufacturer, China faucet manufacturer, China faucet factory, China taps manufacturer and so on. If you pay more attention to product certificates, you can Add the product certificate to the search, such as Watermark taps manufacturer, You could quickly find the faucet that suits your market needs

Field trip to the taps manufacturer base

The 3 major faucet manufacturing bases in China are mentioned above, and you can directly visit the factory for quality control inspection. It’s best to find someone to plan the route for you, such as Souring agents, translators, or your local supplier.

What kind of taps manufacturer is reliable?

Supplier reputation and scale

If suppliers focus on the same type of product for a long time, their products and services will remain largely stable. Experienced and also stable taps manufacturers can efficiently aid you to fix item after-sales issues. Generally, you can check the creation year of its business license or Alibaba membership information.

Supply Chain System

If manufacturers are deeply involved with raw material suppliers and accessories suppliers, manufacturers can reduce procurement costs and provide stable prices over the long term with on-time delivery. You will get long-term stable product price and delivery time.

Quality Management System

If the supplier manufactures the faucet according to the international standard (IOS9001) and different certifications, You will get long-term stable product quality. So, Please be sure to check a manufacturer’s certifications and what standards they follow for quality.

Terms & Service

If the supplier responds quickly and can help customers to solve problems when encountering after-sales, they can solve problems patiently and quickly, you will save more time on your business thinking.

Marketing Experience

If the supplier has the market experience and marketing materials, it can help you save time and provide market advice to develop your target market

Research & Development

If the supplier has its own design team that provides new product designs every year, it can keep you competitive

The above content hopes to help you purchase faucets in China.

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