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Professional faucet supplier from China

Martube is a reputable manufacturer of faucets and bathroom accessories that speaks of exceptional quality, versatile designs, innovative functions and durability.

And we have many international certificates, such as Korean KC, French ACS, Australian Watermark & Wels, and European CE certificates

Why Martube's Faucet?

Martube and its employees are committed to customer service and product quality at competitive prices


1. Excellent Faucet Design

Patented Faucet

Are you looking for a unique faucet?  Martube has its own patented faucet that can be exclusive to your market

Premium Manufacturer Faucets

Martube Faucet Supplier has your favorite faucet designs which select the excellent design and quality faucets from the market by our ability to manage the supply chain.


2. 6 steps to ensure faucet quality


Raw Material

Martube resolutely put quality first, and the raw material is made of high-quality H59 copper

faucet process_

Gravity Casting

The mold made of high temperature alloy steel block cooperates with gravity casting to cast high-quality main body

CNC machining_

CNC Maching

Brass Body are processed by precision CNC machines, so that their size and accuracy meet the requirements of the drawings.

Martube Electroplate

surface treatment

Electroplating coatings protect surfaces from corrosion, and coatings such as PVD give a personalized look

Martube PVD Finshes


High-quality faucet accessories also affect the service life of the faucet, Martube always uses premium accessories


strict inspection

Each faucet of Martube will go through strict inspection to ensure the appearance quality and tightness test

Browse with video

Watch the quality management and production process of martube faucet Supplier with video

Quality Management

faucet production process

3. Hundreds of faucets have Watermark&Wels, KC, CE , ACS

Martube faucet certificates_5

Martube always supports OEM and ODM services to our customers. Besides, Martube products have been approved by international certifications and test reports such as Watermark&Wels, KC, CE, ACS.

4. High-quality and versatile custom surfaces

Our finishes wipe clean easily without detergents or chemicals and are guaranteed to resist mineral buildup and hard water stains.

Customize your dream faucet

Faucet design I want to hear your opinion

Discover your dream faucet

We have your favorite faucet design

Why Martube?

15 years of experience focus on faucet manufacturing

Martube Faucet Supplier is a new trademark of Kaiping Spark. For more than 15 years, SPARK has been providing faucets with a difference, focusing on the customer and meeting the needs of customers in faucet design.

Martube inherits SPARK’s customer-centric service concept, in addition to providing originally designed faucets, we also select the excellent design and quality faucets from the market by our ability to manage the supply chain. Meet customer market needs.


Supply Chain Management

15 years of operation has enabled us to obtain the support of our suppliers both in terms of material quality and price.


Research & Development

Martube is a company that continues to grow thanks to its ability to innovate that sets us and our faucets apart


Quality Management

We always put quality first, and the pursuit of detail, craftsmanship and continuous research creates high-quality products


Terms & Service

Since its establishment, Martube Team has been adhering to the principle of satisfying customer needs as the first priority.


Marketing Experience

Martube keeps developing new markets and certifications, currently we have Watermark&Wels, ACS, KC and CE


Is Martube a factory or a trading company?

Martube is a faucet manufacturer, and we also select excellent faucets from high-quality factories through our ability to manage the supply chain.

How Martube do regarding quality control?

1. Inspector QC will take a 100% check in every procedure
2. Martube‘s sales will also check and take photos for products for our client to confirm.

What certifications do Martube faucets have?

Martube have WATERMARK & WELS , KC, ACS, EN817 and CE certificates.

What is the delivery time for Martube?

It depends on order quantity. normally for one 40 container is 35-48days.

What is the warranty time of Martube?

Martube’s Faucet is 6 years warranty.

What is the payment terms on Martube?

T/T ( 30% deposit and 70% balance )



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