About Martube Faucets Factory

Martube Faucets Factory is a new trademark of Kaiping Spark. For more than 15 years, SPARK has been providing faucets with a difference, focusing on the customer and meeting the needs of customers in faucet design.

Martube inherits SPARK’s customer-centric service concept, in addition to providing originally designed faucets, we also select the excellent design and quality faucets from the market of our ability to manage the supply chain. Meet customer market needs.

Why Martube Faucets Factory?




Serena, the founder of Martube, believes that the most valuable resources of the company in the future are Martube’s suppliers, Martube’s team, and Martube’s customers. In other words, the role of people is even greater than the product itself.

1. Research & Development

Martube is a company that continues to grow thanks to its ability to innovate that sets us and our faucets apart

2. Terms & Service

Talent is the foundation of Martube’s continuous development. Martube’s business team and production team have supported Martube’s 15 years of continuous development

Martube’s team continuously optimizes the production process and quality management process, improves production efficiency and service level, and ensures customer delivery time and product quality

What our team can do for you?

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Martube’s professional business team has always been solving problems for customers as its service purpose, and regards customers as high-quality partners. Firmly implement a standardized shipping process to reduce the time and after-sales costs that errors bring to customers



Sales Representative

3. Marketing Experience

Martube always support OEM and ODM service to our customers. Besides, Martube products have been approved by international certifications and test report such as Watermark&Wels, KC, CE , ACS. 

Video of Supply Chain Management

4. Supply Chain Management

Over the past 15 years, we have built in-depth partnerships with our raw material suppliers and accessories suppliers, allowing us to gain supplier support in both material quality and price.
At the same time we use ERP and MRP to form our order processing and management system, continuously optimize the production process, reduce the loss between productions, facilitate control of our delivery and stabilize our prices.

5. Quality Management

Martube faucets factory have a complete production line, including gravity casting workshop, CNC machine workshop, polishing workshop and assembly workshop and testing center. Martube can supply 6000 pieces of Faucet per month.

Martube products are strictly controlled by ISO 9001 quality management system, in order to ensure all the products to reach satisfactory and stable quality level.

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