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You maybe come across a faucet factory that uses inferior quality faucets as Premium faucets, as well as we are amazed by such a poor perception made by some factories.

We have an Indian customer that came across such a scenario: the products of the test order are Premium faucets, however, after placing a large order, the goods received are inferior quality faucets. This not only results in very high after-sale costs for these faucets but also affects the brand image of our customers.

As a customer, are you bothered with this? Today, let me inform you just how to identify Premium faucets.

What are the dangers of substandard faucets?

For normal customers

  1. The faucet made of inferior has a huge amount of harmful heavy metals, and lasting direct exposure will certainly impact the wellness of the body
  2. An inferior faucet is easy to be oxidized. After a period of use, it is easy to be broken due to internal corrosion.

For sellers

  1. Inferior faucets are easy to bring trouble to consumers, and the spread through the Internet will seriously affect the brand image
  2. After-sales prices have raised greatly

In Martube’s view, the use of inferior faucets as Premium faucets is not understood. Because we are committed to long-lasting participation and focus on the upkeep of top quality and teamwork.

According to our production experience, we can judge the quality of the faucet from Material, Cartridge, Aerator, Finishing & Other Accessories

Copper Material

Copper is currently the best material for faucet manufacturing. Different components of copper require professional testing and equipment. We cannot distinguish copper components from the naked eye, but there are two methods worth trying to roughly distinguish the quality of the faucet: Dissecting the faucet – observing the internal structure of the faucet

faucet comparison
  • High quality: Internal all-copper structure, thick main body, high-quality copper material
  • General quality: the internal all-copper structure, the main body is too thin, the quality of the copper material is average
  • Poor quality: Internal material unknown

Ceramic Cartridge

It has the advantages of high-temperature resistance, chemical deterioration resistance, use resistance, high mechanical stamina and also great lubricating buildings. The opening and also closing feel comfortable and also smooth. It can still be operated smoothly and is labor-saving after greater than 500,000 switching operations, and it is durable to make use of.

The more famous brands are Span Sedal, Hungary kerox, KCG from Taiwan, China and other brands


The top quality Aerator can make the flowing water and also air totally combined to create a foaming impact. The amount of water is abundant, the Aerator is abundant and delicate, the touch of the water is very soft and comfy, as well as it does not dash. At the same time, it will increase the searching force, thereby decreasing water usage. The Aerator can properly save water by about 30% and even greater.

The more famous brand is Switzerland Neoperl.

Finishing coating

High-quality taps are normally nickel-plated and also chrome-plated. The thickness of nickel is above 8um, and also the density of chromium is typically 0.2 ~ 0.3 um. The nickel layer works as an anti-corrosion effect, and also the chromium layer acts as a solidifying surface area while raising illumination.

Certainly, besides the electroplating process, the faucet itself makes use of copper as well as casting innovation is the basis. The electroplating efficiency needed by the nationwide standard is 9 levels of 24 hours with salt spray, which is the separating line between top-notch faucets and market products faucets.

Flexible hose

Inner tube material: EPX material directly meets international drinking water standards, can withstand high temperatures, is explosion-proof, and pressure-resistant, and is non-toxic and tasteless, with a service life of up to thirty years and tasteless. It is safer and more reliable than PVC and ordinary glue on the market. PVC is not resistant to high temperatures, and it releases toxic substances at high temperatures, so it is only suitable for cold water pipes. Ordinary adhesives are often poor in high-temperature resistance and contain various toxic substances, are prone to aging, and have a short service life. So when you choose the hose, smell it, the smaller the better.

The product of the outer tube: the top-notch faucet makes use of 304 or at least 301 stainless steel cables. The braided stainless-steel cord has better stamina, longer life, and also higher cost.

Martube Faucet Factory is a professional bathroom faucet manufacturer, The accessories of our faucet are as follows

Martube ProductDetail
Martube ProductDetail
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